[offtopic] Cygwin.com / sources.redhat.com down?

Jim Salter jim at jrssystems.net
Sun May 9 20:04:23 GMT 2004

If anybody else was wondering, I found the problem - there's a routing
issue in ip.att.net which is apparently preventing most if not all of
the entire Southeastern USA from accessing the network cygwin.com and
sources.redhat.com are on.

Anything from the local RoadRunner, xpedius in FL, Nuvox in SC, or
Telcove (formerly Adelphia) in SC is definitely affected; I've got
machines on all of the above pipes, and all of them show traceroutes
dying at gar1-p370.rlgnc.ip.att.net (  The one host I've
got in a New Jersey colo can connect without problems.

Thanks to Justin Banks for letting me know he was getting through okay,
so I knew what direction to look.


> Jim Salter wrote:
>> Has anybody else noticed cygwin.com and sources.redhat.com being down? 
>> The machine that answers to those addresses (and sourceware.org) is 
>> refusing HTTP connections, and has been for at least 48 hours now.
>> Anybody here know anything about it?  I haven't been able to find out 
>> diddly-squat about it on the web...
>> -J

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