cwRync and Windows permissions

Andy Evans endocrantz at
Mon May 10 13:35:26 GMT 2004

I am running a complete Cygwin environment but have the same issue.

I've been having the same trouble particularly in a workgroup environment. When running an rsync daemon on the cygwin side (including 2.6.2) it does not correctly set owner, regardless of whether the uid/gid is set in rsync.conf. Owner is always set to system, the uid of the service process. I have been testing the chmod-option.diff patch that accompanies the distribution, where I can set Dugo+rwx,Fugo+rw. This is a reasonable solution for me, but I would of course prefer that the rsync daemon work appropriately so that o+rw permissions weren't required. 

I have tested this extensively with Cygwin environment ntsec/nontsec etc. and other cygwin-side options in rsyncd.conf without success. So far it has been consistent and I have seen numerous other folks with a similar issue. I am aiming to find a real solution to file ownership if I can and am very open to testing all suggestions.


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Date: Mon, 10 May 2004 11:48:02 +0200
Subject: cwRync and Windows permissions

Hi all,<br> <br>I'm rsyncing a windows 2003 client to a windows 2003 server using the cwrsync installation package.<br> <br>The trouble is that the permission rights set by rsync on the destination server are very restrictive <br>and don't allow another application to access the files. I'd like to change that. <br>However, the GID and UID parameters in the rsyncd.conf file don't seem to manage that. With<br>the rsync service running as a user or with the system account, it doesn't change the permissions<br>the way I want it. I haven't found clear explanations in the web or the mailing list archives (it looks<br>way too much linuxian to me !).<br> <br>So, questions :<br>Is the cwrsync package enough to manage permission rights or do I have to use the complete <br>CYGWIN thing ?<br>If the cwrsynvc package can handle it, how can I set the permissions I want (or at least make <br>the destination directory inherit from the permissions set) ?<br> <br>Advices And Answers Are Always Appreciated.<br> <br>Stéphane Rohart<br>--<br>To unsubscribe or change options:<br>Before posting, read:<br>

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