rsync acl support

Christophe Saout christophe at
Mon May 10 14:03:42 GMT 2004


since I'm using Posix ACLs under Linux (via xattr) for some time now I
was looking for rsync ACL support (using it to do 1:1 backups via LVM
snapshots to another machine).

A quick Google search revealed that Buck Huppmann had developed such a
patch against rsync-2.5.5. I've ported the patch to rsync 2.6.0 and
2.6.2 and told him but never got a response.

Well, at least between two Linux machines it is working perfectly for
me, also the Gentoo people are using this patch and there aren't any
complaints so far (I don't know how many people are actually using it
because it has to be turned on via a command line parameter).

The patch doesn't look so bad. It basically uses the generic ACL wrapper
code from Samba and adds some glue code. I haven't had too much time so
I didn't look into the details. It problably needs a cleanup but it
seems to be in a good shape.

Since I saw that ACLs were on the rsync TODO list I want to ask: What do
you think needs to be done to get ACLs integrated into samba without an
external patch?

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