Issue with rsync 2.6.1-pre1 on AIX

Pontus Skoeld pont_rsynclist at
Tue Mar 30 10:03:06 GMT 2004

Wayne Davison <wayned at> writes:

> I don't want to arbitrarily dump support for mainstream platforms that
> are currently supported.  I.e. we need to continue to support the major
> flavors of Unix, Linux, Cygwin, OS X, etc.  I haven't checked to see
> what systems would be adversely affected by such a change, so I don't
> know if I'd consider the use of sigaction alone as adequate or not.  It
> might well be.

sigaction should be available on any non-antique system (I actually
fail to come up with any system that I know it wouldn't work on, but
I'd guess Ultrix would be out in the cold).

Of course, there may be portability issues with sigaction as well, but
I think there are less problems with sigaction than with signal.

> If anyone has pointers to portability info, let me know.  I doubt I'll
> put this into 2.6.1, but getting such a change into CVS early in the
> next release cycle would be good.

There doesn't seem to be all that much written lately, FWIW, DJB
writes (<URL:>)

|Apparently no longer a problem. I haven't seen any -sigaction reports
|since August 1999.


Pontus Sköld, see <URL:> for more information.

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