Failed rsync -- two different files considered up to date

Greger Cronquist greger_cronquist at
Mon Mar 29 16:09:28 GMT 2004


I've used rsync successfully for several years, syncing between two 
Windows 2000 servers using daemon mode, but today I stumbled accross 
something peculiar. I'm using cygwin with rsync 2.6.0 at both ends (the 
latest available at this date) and I have a file that rsync considers up 
to date even though both the md5 and a normal diff show differences. 
I've tried calling rsync with several different options, most notably -c 
for forcing checksum, but it fails to see a difference between the files.

Are there any things I should try or information that I can include? All 
-vvv gives me is "uptodate".

Regards, Greger

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