Fwd: RSync Progress Report Request

Jim Salter jim at jrssystems.net
Fri Mar 26 03:21:39 GMT 2004

I'd still prefer to see something like a --total-progress option that 
displayed the percentage of the total synchronization that had been 
completed, rather than the percentage of progress of the current file. 
In the occasions where I'm hovering impatiently over an rsync waiting 
for it to finish, that's what I'd really like to know - where is it in 
the list?

Whether you did the progress report as "file [x] of [y]" or "megabyte 
[x] of [y]" or whatever would barely even matter; I'd just like to see 
an indicator showing me where rsync currently is in relation to its 
entire list of stuff to process.

> I would line to see a  -progress_time {sec}  type option,
> which wil only show the progress of a file after that file has already
> taken more than {sec} to transfer.
> This could also ne a useful addition to the compond -P option, say with
> a argument of 5 seconds.
> Situation...
> I use RSync all the time to syncronize my home directory on my work
> machine with that of my home machine (or visa-sersa).  I use verbose to
> give me a report on just how the rsync is progressing, and that it is
> still running okay.
> The works well until rsync transfers a very large file (sources and
> RPM's) in which case just sits there, and the only way I can see how it
> is progressing is to look at the 'dot' file rsync is creating.
> So I turned on --progress.  Great I can see the transfer of each file
> but most files are small or only require a attribute change (modify
> time, permissions, owner etc)
> When you do a verbose progress report of a lot of files much of the time
> the progress reports generated are usless as it took less than a second
> to transfer the file.  Really I am only interested in the progress
> report for files that are taking some time so I can see how the transfer
> is progressing.
> A --progress_time option will only progress report the larger files that
> is taking longer than the time indicated, and NOT all teh small files
> that take very little time.
> PS: Just so you know, I was the person to suggest the '-relative' option
> so that I can use one rsync command to do complex transfers of my home
> diretory between machines.
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