Fwd: RSync Progress Report Request

Anthony Thyssen anthony at griffith.edu.au
Fri Mar 26 01:24:28 GMT 2004

I would line to see a  -progress_time {sec}  type option,
which wil only show the progress of a file after that file has already
taken more than {sec} to transfer.

This could also ne a useful addition to the compond -P option, say with
a argument of 5 seconds.


I use RSync all the time to syncronize my home directory on my work
machine with that of my home machine (or visa-sersa).  I use verbose to
give me a report on just how the rsync is progressing, and that it is
still running okay.

The works well until rsync transfers a very large file (sources and
RPM's) in which case just sits there, and the only way I can see how it
is progressing is to look at the 'dot' file rsync is creating.

So I turned on --progress.  Great I can see the transfer of each file
but most files are small or only require a attribute change (modify
time, permissions, owner etc)

When you do a verbose progress report of a lot of files much of the time
the progress reports generated are usless as it took less than a second
to transfer the file.  Really I am only interested in the progress
report for files that are taking some time so I can see how the transfer
is progressing.

A --progress_time option will only progress report the larger files that
is taking longer than the time indicated, and NOT all teh small files
that take very little time.

PS: Just so you know, I was the person to suggest the '-relative' option
so that I can use one rsync command to do complex transfers of my home
diretory between machines.

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