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John john at Corridors.wa.edu.au
Tue Jun 1 15:19:40 GMT 2004

On Tue, 1 Jun 2004, Paul Haas wrote:

> On Tue, 1 Jun 2004, John wrote:
> > That may be so, but I don't think this is one of them. rsyncx is bound to have
> > all rsync's bugs. Qute possibly some will be fixed first there, and it may be
> > they will add valuable new features. One that I think would be nice is an
> > automatic retry: I keep getting timeouts transferring between two ADSL accounts
> > and I've not decide whether to blame Arachnet (the ISP at both ends) or rsync
> > or even to suppose I'm expecting too much.
> That used to happen to me.  Upgrading the firmware in my network hardware
> fixed the problem.

The Linux boxes? The Billion? It's got the latest already, at least as at a couple of weeks ago. The DSL-300? The ISP's side? I suspect that's where the problem is. We're not entirely happy with the ISP.

> > wget has an option to automatically retry after timeouts, and it would
> > certainly be useful to me if rsync did too.
> > I may well decide to implement that myself: if I do, it would probably be in
> > rsyncx if I decide that is where it would best suit me.
> The ideal place would be in ssh.

ssh doesn't know enough, except maybe when the connexion dies. If it's rsync at
the other end, to ssh it's just another program and it's ended.

Possibly rsync can use ssh to forward a local port chosen the same way ftp
chooses a port fo active ftp. Then local rsync opens a connexion to at the local end, and ssh forwards the stream to rsync running
as a daemon (on another randomly-chosen port? a user-specified port?) a the

I've identified a couple of failures were due to the ADSL connexion dropping.
The way of my life- Thunderbird's hung while I was checking email and writing
two emails:-((

> > Enough. I'm typing on a remote machine over an overtaxed dialup line:-(
> >
> > heers
> > John
> >
> >
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