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Paul Haas paulh at hamjudo.com
Tue Jun 1 15:34:20 GMT 2004

On Tue, 1 Jun 2004, John wrote:

> That may be so, but I don't think this is one of them. rsyncx is bound to have
> all rsync's bugs. Qute possibly some will be fixed first there, and it may be
> they will add valuable new features. One that I think would be nice is an
> automatic retry: I keep getting timeouts transferring between two ADSL accounts
> and I've not decide whether to blame Arachnet (the ISP at both ends) or rsync
> or even to suppose I'm expecting too much.

That used to happen to me.  Upgrading the firmware in my network hardware
fixed the problem.

> wget has an option to automatically retry after timeouts, and it would
> certainly be useful to me if rsync did too.

> I may well decide to implement that myself: if I do, it would probably be in
> rsyncx if I decide that is where it would best suit me.

The ideal place would be in ssh.

> Enough. I'm typing on a remote machine over an overtaxed dialup line:-(
> heers
> John
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