Bug reporting

Terry Dooher tdooher.lists at naturalmotion.com
Tue Jun 1 16:16:52 GMT 2004

John wrote:

> Possibly rsync can use ssh to forward a local port chosen the same way ftp
> chooses a port fo active ftp. Then local rsync opens a connexion to
> at the local end, and ssh forwards the stream to rsync running
> as a daemon (on another randomly-chosen port? a user-specified port?) a the
> destination.

Bear in mind that this way you'll be encrypting the entire session 
instead of just the "Please start rsyncd for me" bit, so you'll likely 
suffer a speed hit depending on how powerful the two machines are.

John also wrote...

 > I keep getting timeouts transferring between two ADSL accounts
 > and I've not decide whether to blame Arachnet (the ISP at both ends)
 > or rsync or even to suppose I'm expecting too much.

As an aisde, I've had a problem similar to the one you describe with an 
unrelated service. Turns out the NAT table was dropping entries that 
went unused for 5 minutes, which meant the firewall started blocking 
return traffic as it appeared to be unrelated to any outgoing 
connection. I don't know if this would ever be an issue with rsync but 
it might be worth a look.


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