ssh - how to send password ?

huwybach huwybach at
Thu Feb 19 12:25:37 GMT 2004

Sorry to 'bump' this one back to the list but I'm not clear - is there a 
way of appending a password to an Rsync command argument or is this just 
not possible/practical ?

Thanks to all who replied with the SSH keys solution - I'll investigate 
this over the weekend - but I'd like to see what can be done with Rsync 
on it's own before adding ssh trickery into the mix !!! Hope you 
understand :-)

Original Message:

> Hi,
> I'm trying to learn rsync and to aid this I'm trying some 'simple'
> syncronising over the net using SSH. What I can't find clearly explained
> in the docs is where to put the remote user password in the command line
> argument.
> For example I want to sync the two 'documents' directories - one on my
> local Linux box and another on  a server in my office. The command I'm
> planning to use is:
> rsync -avz -e ssh /home/huw/documents
> huw at
> What I can't find is where to put the password for the remote user ?
> Huw

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