rsync is concatenating the files together

James Lick jlick at
Sat Dec 11 16:25:56 GMT 2004

>I am seeing a really odd problem with Rsync 2.6.2 and 2.6.3.  I am trying to
>rsync a directory containing some 2gb files from a Solaris 9 NFS server to
>a Solaris 10b69 NFS client.  Rsync is running on the Solaris 10 client.
>I'm wondering perhaps if this is more a Solaris 10b69 bug than an rsync bug?
>Any thoughts on this?

I found this message in the archives when investigating a similiar 
problem I was having with Solaris 10 B69.  I have found out some more 
information that may be helpful.  I have four systems running Solaris 10 
B69 currently.  Of these, only two have encountered strange behavior 
such as rsync dying, corrupting files, mixing files together, or hanging 
altogether.  The other two systems can run rsync without any problems.  
Oddly enough the problem occurs on both sparc and x86 systems. 

The only common factor I could find was that the systems that did not 
have problems were single CPU systems.  The x86 box with the problem was 
also single CPU, but it is a hyperthreaded cpu so it looked like two to 
the system.  With that in mind, I tried disabling all but one CPU by 
using the psradm command.  After the system had only one cpu active, 
rsync ran perfectly without error every time.  Turn back on the extra 
CPUs, and the random behavior immediately returned.  On the x86 box I 
just disabled hyperthreading which is no big deal, but the sparc box has 
four real CPUs, so I'd lose 3/4 my cpu power going down to just one 
CPU.  Anyways, this seems to point to a bug in SMP on Solaris 10 B69, 
but on the other hand rsync is the only utility I've had problems with 
so far.

With this in mind, is there any additional advice as to what might be 
going wrong?

James Lick -- 黎建溥 -- jlick at --

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