Rsync, case sensitivity, and Windows

Greg Wood agressiv at
Fri Dec 10 17:36:42 GMT 2004

I'm trying to replace a robocopy solution with rsync due to the 
delta-byte transfers.  Its working great (cwRsync), except....

I've been searching the list regarding case-sensitivity, and came across 
one thread, talking about HFS+ and copying two files that had the same 
name (X and x).  Well I have a similar problem between 2 windows hosts, 
except *both* of them support case, but are case insensitive.  I'll 
never need to copy two files that have the same name but with different 

For example, if I have a folder on a source server that is called 
"Folder", but the target is called "FOLDER", rsync attempts to create a 
"Folder" directory, but Windows obviously ignores this, and soon rsync 
starts syncing files.

The problem is, I'm using the --delete-after command, and it starts 
deleting all of the files from "FOLDER" since it wasn't there on the 
source.   It essentially will attempt to wipe the whole folder.  Its 
doing as it should.  I've even tried running rsync.exe out of zsh.exe on 
Windows, but it didn't seem to hold up.

My question is, is there a way to completely turn off case-sensitivity 
with rsync?  Doesn't appear to be, but it would be a great feature for 
those of us who have *both* hosts as being case-insensitive.  I'm hoping 
its feasible, not sure how hard it would be to implement.

I have 120 + servers that I would be using this on, and we have many 
folders that have different cases but are otherwise identical (Software 
vs software vs SOFTWARE) and its now causing more problems than I can 
handle.  Yes, it should have been consistent in the first place, but it 
would take too long to go back and make all these changes just so that 
rsync will work.

Thanks for your consideration -


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