Mac OS X HFS+ metadata patch, take 2

Julian Cowley julian at
Wed Aug 18 17:40:50 GMT 2004

On Tue, 17 Aug 2004, D Andrew Reynhout wrote:
> Yes, I'm working on a proper AppleDouble format next.

Great, this is good news!  I think rsync and the Mac community has been
sorely missing this for some time.

> It requires a combination of the two file handling procedures I've
> added so far, which either: a) send a file under a newly composed
> filename, or b) synthesize a "faux file" from filesystem metadata,
> and send that under a composed filename, but not both.
> The next step is to put the two together and send a single extra
> file to the destination.  Someone has offered to work on coding the
> reverse process, so hopefully it will all come together shortly.

So I take it that if either of the file data, the resource fork, or the
metadata change, that the file will be transferred?

> I'll also update the patch to 2.6.3pre1.
> Interestingly, all of the AppleDouble implementations I've been
> reading ignore the Finder Comments field.  Some of them (e.g.
> Mozilla) set up an entry for the data, but they never actually
> put it in.  I guess users don't care about the Comments field.

There's some dormant Mac code in the mpack distribution to handle "simple
applesingle/appledouble encoding/decoding" (macfile.c) that appears to
handle comments.  According to the release notes, the Mac code probably
doesn't compile anymore, but maybe it can be reworked.

> On Tue, Aug 17, 2004 at 12:15:48PM -1000, Julian Cowley wrote:
> > Any reason this couldn't use the same convention that Apple
> > uses on UFS partitions?

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