rsync process never quits!

Polyanovskyi, Sasha sasha.polyanovskyi at
Mon Aug 16 07:10:30 GMT 2004

Hi, people. Please help!
I run rsync under inetd in Cygwin environment on Windows 2000. I start
several rsync processes each in a separate thread to sync a directory on my
machine and a corresponding directory on another computer, e.g. three RSYNCs
at the same time:
*	directories C:\aaa on and C:\bbb on
*	directories C:\aaa on and C:\bbb on
*	directories C:\aaa on and C:\bbb on
Note that the sync could be between two directories on my machine...

The command I use has the following structure:  rsync OPTIONS SRC
USER at HOST::DEST (even when both SRC and DST are the same machine, I access
DST with specifying its IP address).

Everything works technically, but here is the problem: if I start more than
one thread at a time with RSYNC process, it seemd to get confused on the
destination machine. After everything is completed I get a number of
rsync.exe processes on the destination machine running forever and never
exiting! I think they are daemons accepting connections, but I am not too
sure. Can anyone please tell me how to get rid of them. I certainly can
write a program that would run on every remote machine and kill the RSYNCs
that hang in the process list for more than <N> minutes, but surely this is
not a very elegant solution :-)

Thanks in advance

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