testing rsync 2.6.3pre1

Wayne Davison wayned at samba.org
Mon Aug 16 22:12:12 GMT 2004

I announced the release of 2.6.3pre1 on the rsync-announce mailing list
back on the 12th.  I was thinking at the time that this email would get
seen by those on the regular rsync list, but I forgot that this is not
how the rsync lists are setup.  For those that missed it, here is the
text of the announcement:


I have released rsync 2.6.3pre1 -- the first pre-release version of
2.6.3.  Please help out with the testing so that the code gets a good
workout before 2.6.3 is released.  Thanks!

To see what has changed, read this text file:


To download a copy, use one of these links:



The diffs no longer include the "patches" subdir (since including them
makes the diffs double in size).  If you want an updated set of patches
without grabbing the tar file, you can use rsync to update the patches
dir in your rsync source using this command:

rsync -av --delete rsync://rsync.samba.org/ftp/unpacked/rsync/patches ~/src/rsync/


I'd appreciate it if people would let me know about any testing they do,
even if it's just to say that things are working fine.


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