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Thu Aug 12 13:52:24 GMT 2004


In cwrsync 1.2.4, there will be a batch file example setting necessary
parameteres correctly. You can use it to initiate your rsync sessions.



cwRsync maintainer

> Yes I´m using cwrync 1.2.4 that it contains the 2.6.2 rsync version
> command.
> A problem I have to use cygwin is that I have implemented the cwrsync
> command in a script .js (jscript) then... Should I make a new script bash
> file  for linux? or is it possible call cygwin´s rsync from a DOS shell
> line
> command?
> Thank you very much :)
> José Luis
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> De: Craig Barratt [mailto:cbarratt at users.sourceforge.net]
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> Para: Jose Luis Poza
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> "Jose Luis Poza" writes:
>> I have a "problem" witch cwsrync and a questions. Does cwrsync process
>> (rsync.exe) use 100% (more or less) CPU in Windows 2000 server witch a
>> high level of kernel usage ?
>> I have syncronized 11 servers (unix and windos) witch all their unit´s
>> files, that proccess during approach 17 hours (the proccess is make
>> every day). Is this time normal?. (A client makes all the request and
>> store in local the files).
> Are you using the latest rsync (version 2.6.2)?  It runs a lot faster on
> cygwin.
> Craig
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