Using cwrsync in DOS batch files.

Stuart Halliday StuartH at
Fri Aug 13 13:30:13 GMT 2004

> Hi,
> In cwrsync 1.2.4, there will be a batch file example setting necessary
> parameteres correctly. You can use it to initiate your rsync sessions.

Yes I find cwrsync works pretty well in a Batch script. I call it via a Scheduler task every 20 mins to keep my work IE favourites synced with the my home XP PC.

Here is a typical batch file I use in Windows.

SET CYGWIN=nontsec
cd c:\cwrsync\
C:\cwrsync\rsync -za --modify-window=3 -P --delete --recursive /cygdrive/d/favorites/ stuart at



Ensure that the CYGWIN dlls are in the c:\cwrsync folder.
Ensure you add c:\cwrsync to the default PATH variable.

One important note:
If you're setting up cwrsync to run as a Service on a Windows machine ensure the .conf file has the line:

strict mode = false
otherwise rsync passwords will not work in Windows.

Tev, you may wish to mention this important issue on your web site and add it to the FAQ - Problems with secrets files?

Took me ages to work out why rsync secrets files don't work in Windows.

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