checksum mismatch???

Markus W.Weissmann mww at
Tue Apr 27 17:34:19 GMT 2004

Hi folks,

I'm maintaining the darwinports port of rsync and I encountered the 
following strange thing:
I updated our port which contains a md5 checksum on 27. April 16:36 GMT.
Then some people had successfull builds (meaning the checksum was 
valid). But now its
not anymore, it changed. I had a look at rsync-2.6.1.tar.gz from
and the md5 still matches the file from there.

The checksum I got first is
md5 ec09e62961c8edd0f9d3710b5ecb5b16
The file I just downloaded now has
md5 6b1ee6a5878569215204f322ad128775

whats going on???



Markus W. Weissmann

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