Questions on Log's format

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Tue Apr 27 15:30:52 GMT 2004


I have to parse log file in php script.I want to know exactly file by file if they were transfered good or if they were an error or if nothing was done.

-- So i've use rsync with the option "-vv" and i can obtain something like this :

delta transmission enabled
send_files failed to open /home/damien/Synchronisation/essai/monfich: Permission denied
perl.tar.gz is uptodate
send_files failed to open /home/damien/Synchronisation/essai/script: Permission denied
total: matches=10003  tag_hits=10003  false_alarms=0 data=0

=>So, my question is :
If a new error appear, is the log will be always like this ? :

delta transmission enabled 
f.txt is uptodate

The log's format is very important for me because i have to make an application which parse the log file and which takes the names of the file and the error if there is.
That's why i want in my log file something like 
this :  file:error

-- I want also to know the behaviour of rsync if there is 
an error on a file.Does rsync will pass to another file or 
will stop ?In which case ?

Note:For example, we can see above that rsync continue to
an other file even if there was a denied permission.
That's good but i don't know what behaviour will have rsync 
if there is an I/O error.

Note: I 've made some test in turning off the connection 
during the transfert and i obtain message like this :"error in opening ..." but i don't know which files are transferred and i can't have something like this : file.c: error I/O...

I've see the mail in the mailing list : List of rsync output / error messages and the source code however i'm not sure of the log's format.

Could someone help me ?

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