How to RSYNC from eth1 on PDC-SRV to eth1 on BDC-SRV?

Tim Conway conway at
Thu Apr 1 16:51:40 GMT 2004

The question is incongruous, in light of the title, but:
install the cards.
get them recognized and configured.
connect them, perhaps with a crossover cable (ethernet nullmodem).
configure them with addresses and netmask - since this is a point-to-point,
no external routability is needed - I suggest
Name them, in /etc/hosts, as this isn't going to be dynamic data, nor
shared to other systems.  Don't name them the same as the primary hostname.
Make each the route to the other.
Example:  pdc has eth1 configured at, named pdc-eth1, and bdc
has eth1 configured at, named bdc-eth1, both with netmask
On pdc - "route add host bdc-eth1 eth1"
On bdc - "route add host pdc-eth1 eth1"

Use the "-eth1" hostname in the source or destination of the rsync
Or, you can leave off the naming and just use raw IP addresses.

BTW:  You'll find that a crossover cable runs extremely fast, as there is
no resource sharing in the transport.  Your dedicated 100bT channel may
actually be FASTER than the shared gig-e.
Another caveat:  You mention advanced routing.  You may run into an issue
wherein your Gig-E interfaces tell each other that they're better routes to
the eth1 addresses.  THAT's an advanced routing thing, and I'm not certain
how to force system's IP stacks to segregate ARPing.

Good luck,

Tim Conway
Unix System Administration
Contractor - IBM Global Services
conway at

hours on searching, and I have not found an answer.  I am not
highly-skilled at setting up advanced routing, so I am not sure how to
accomplish this task and do not know if it is even possible.  Any help
and advice would be greatly appreciated.

Travis L. Bean
Systems Administrator
Bio-Logic Aqua Technologies
Grants Pass, OR - United States

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