Not connecting remotely

Bryan Gilchrist bryan at
Fri Sep 19 07:36:09 EST 2003

> Bryan, how 'bout starting with the command you tried to
> execute - copy and paste it in here.

I'm testing it via the cron job I set up. The cron job is set to run at 3:00
AM, and it runs a file I created called rsync.daily.

Here's the command in rsync.daily that it's having a problem with:
rsync $rsync_opts $excludes $password (server name omitted)::rsync \
 /backup/(server name omitted)_${ext}/home/ > /etc/backup/(server name
omitted)_${ext} 2>&1

>   1. demonstrate that you have at least RTFM, and

I've read the manual, and read several other sources as well. Additionally,
I did a search on google for the error I got, and the only thing that popped
up was a page in Japanese. Then I resorted to the list.

>   2. provide as much background info as you can think of,
>      like versions of rsync, OS's, the exact command that
>      is not working for you, etc.

RH 9, Rsync v2.5.5

> I'm relatively new to rsync myself, but I've been lurking
> here for some months now, so I've got a bit of a feel
> for how things work here.

Well, I wasn't aware there was a protocol for this list. If I had known that
I had to prove that I RTFM and needed all the other information, I would
have stated it.

I think I'll just try using Unison.

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