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jw schultz jw at
Fri Sep 19 09:13:28 EST 2003

On Thu, Sep 18, 2003 at 05:36:09PM -0400, Bryan Gilchrist wrote:
> > Bryan, how 'bout starting with the command you tried to
> > execute - copy and paste it in here.
> I'm testing it via the cron job I set up. The cron job is set to run at 3:00
> AM, and it runs a file I created called rsync.daily.
> Here's the command in rsync.daily that it's having a problem with:
> rsync $rsync_opts $excludes $password (server name omitted)::rsync \
>  /backup/(server name omitted)_${ext}/home/ > /etc/backup/(server name
> omitted)_${ext} 2>&1

        rsync $options rserver::rsync /backup...
you requested a module named rsync that should have been
defined in the rsyncd.conf file.

> >   1. demonstrate that you have at least RTFM, and
> I've read the manual, and read several other sources as well. Additionally,
> I did a search on google for the error I got, and the only thing that popped
> up was a page in Japanese. Then I resorted to the list.
> >   2. provide as much background info as you can think of,
> >      like versions of rsync, OS's, the exact command that
> >      is not working for you, etc.
> RH 9, Rsync v2.5.5
> > I'm relatively new to rsync myself, but I've been lurking
> > here for some months now, so I've got a bit of a feel
> > for how things work here.
> Well, I wasn't aware there was a protocol for this list. If I had known that
> I had to prove that I RTFM and needed all the other information, I would
> have stated it.

You would have done well to have examined the list archives.
Your earlier two posts with the subjects "Backing up from
server to server..." and "backups" certainly did not give
the impression that you had even glanced at the manpages.
The start of this thread wasn't much better.  I really would
suggest you look at
as is recommended in the mailing list sig on every message

> I think I'll just try using Unison.

You can certainly do so if you wish.  I would consider it
a poor approach for what you are trying to do.  Unison is
a great tool but has a good deal more overhead and won't
really give you the best possible results.

What i would suggest you do is to use the ssh transport, at
least initially.  You should by now already have ssh
configured so there would be little or no setup to do.

I'd also suggest that instead of reinventing the wheel you
use something already developed.  The best of these, such as
dirvish, rlbackup or Rubel's snapshots, will require
upgrading rsync to 2.5.6.

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