AW: trying to figure out how the --delete option works.

Pedro Blom blom_pedro at
Thu Oct 30 03:32:29 EST 2003

I use -a
from the man:
‐a, ‐‐archive               archive mode, equivalent to ‐rlptgoD
u se, the -r for --recursive is there
I also use -v
-v as for --verbose
so I have that covered.

I have now experiemented with some tmp-files in my homedir and it works 
rsync -av --exclude "/**/movies/" --exclude "/mnt/" --delete 
/home/user/tmp/from /home/user/to

but wen using the:
rsync -av --exclude "/**/movies/" --exclude "/mnt/" --delete / 

It will not delete files on /mnt/backup/backup/.



> >              "This  option  has  no  effect  if  directory  recursion  is
> > not
> >               selected."
> >               (I really dont know what this means. Perhaps this is where
> > my
> >               comand fails?)
> from the man:
> --recursive
>     This tells rsync to copy directories recursively. If you don't specify
> this then rsync won't copy directories at all.
> Your command below does not include --recursive. Are you just copying the
> files in / ? (Seems unlikely you want to skip all subdirs)
> Perhaps previously you DID rsync --recursive, and created the subdirs with
> content in the destination.
> Now you are not, and as such will not touch the subdirs on source, AND on
> destination.
> >> I use this comand to back up my entirely drive to a second drive.
> >> Because
> >> the second drive is smaller I have excluded my movies directory. I also
> >> excluded the /mnt/ diectory, becous I dont want to back up the backup.
> >> This
> >> part works just fine.
> I doubt that, as you not use rsync --recursive.
> >> Here is the comand I use:
> >> rsync -av --exclude "/**/movies/" --exclude "/mnt/" --delete /
> >> /mnt/backup/backup
> >>
> >>
> >>     /Pedro
> lastly, try using --verbose --verbose to get some more logging in the
> rsync log file as specified in the rsyncd.conf. It will show -per file-
> what it is doing. Also, perhaps your version info may be important, please
> include that.
> Im no rsync guru, but Ive been playing with it a few weeks now... If im
> wrong, by all means, someone correct me.
> Gr Richard

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