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Tue Oct 7 23:01:19 EST 2003

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Gary Myers wrote:

| The page has been updated accordingly, and now offers the Source Code
|  as per the GPL requirements. It no longer offers the Cygwin code -
| people will have to follow the links to the site.

If people should install Cygwin anyway (it is the better coiche, IMHO)
why giving them an exe instead of the simlpe phrase: "while yuo are
installing CygWin, just remember to select Net/rsync package and, maybe
Cygwin installer is easy, and if you're using it anyway it seems crazy
to me to get the executable from a different method...

Moreover if it is setup-installed it is automatically updated to latest
version on each setup.exe launch...

If the point is that your exe has better patches" applied I'm very
willing to cooperate to create a "better CygWin rsync package"...

| I know Rsync comes as part of Cygwin, but I needed an external way to
|  run the Rsync code from an automatic script, in the background,
| without invoking Cygwin. If anyone knows a better way of running
| Rsync to backup a Windows D:\ Drive without a batch, I would
| appreciate the feedback.

Your exe *is* a cygwin exe just as the official package is, I don't
undesrtand the problem ?_?

| Regards from England   :)

Regards =)

| When installing the Cygwin packages, remember to choose a suitable
| text editor (as one is not install by default). The email package
| 'Pine' contains the more than suitable 'Pico' for basic text editing.
I may suggest the Editor "nano" package also: it is a better editor, it
is 100% similiar to pico, the package is far smaller (as it is only the
editor and not a mail reader).

BTW: do you know that "your" rsync is 620Kb nistead of 200Kb because you
didn't "strip" it, yup?

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