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Gary Myers gary at
Tue Oct 7 22:32:18 EST 2003

Hi to all on the Rsync mailing list.

I noticed some posts back on the 25th September about my Rsync page 
( There were questions regarding 
it's suitability, why it was there, etc, and how I did not conform to 
the GPL.

I have since sought advice from the Rsync administrators, who have 
advised me with regards to the GPL, etc.

The page has been updated accordingly, and now offers the Source Code as 
per the GPL requirements. It no longer offers the Cygwin code - people 
will have to follow the links to the site.

The code is for real and will not kill your machine. I made it available 
as I could not find a Windows executable version when I had a need to 
backup my families PCs. I know Rsync comes as part of Cygwin, but I 
needed an external way to run the Rsync code from an automatic script, 
in the background, without invoking Cygwin. If anyone knows a better way 
of running Rsync to backup a Windows D:\ Drive without a batch, I would 
appreciate the feedback.

If anyone has tried my EXE file on platforms other than Win2k Pro, I 
would be interested to hear how you got on.

Regards from England   :)

Gary Myers

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