Interactive Rsync Authentication Problem

jw schultz jw at
Thu May 29 00:49:08 EST 2003

On Wed, May 28, 2003 at 10:27:44AM -0400, Andrew Klein wrote:
> I have run across an interesting issue when running rsync from Solaris 
> to an rsync daemon on Linux.  It works properly when I specify the 
> password on the command line:
> RSYNC_PASSWORD=the_Password rsync -r /tmp/test 
> test_user at test_server::test_user/topdir/subdir
> However, if I do not specify the password on the command line and am 
> prompted interactively, it always fails. After some investigation I find 
> that Solaris getpass() returns a maximum of PASS_MAX bytes which on our 
> systems is set to 8.  The comment in authenticate.c is:
>    cyeoh says that getpass is deprecated, because
>    it may return a truncated password on some systems,
>    and it is not in the LSB.
> Does this issue deserve a code fix/workaround?
> Andy Klein

I'm not inclined to do a workaround.  A _portable_
getpass(3) replacement is non-trivial and i'm not eager to
add termio functionality to rsync just for this one thing.
Getpass functionality really does belong in the libraries in
my opinion.

You could try overriding PASS_MAX in the config+build.  I
don't know if that will work with Solaris libs or not.

I cannot recommend providing the password in the environment
block as you have done.  Last i recall, the environment block
on Solaris is world readable.  If nothing else i'd suggest
either reducing the password to eight chars or less, or use
the --password-file option.

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