Interactive Rsync Authentication Problem

Andrew Klein andy at
Thu May 29 00:27:44 EST 2003

I have run across an interesting issue when running rsync from Solaris 
to an rsync daemon on Linux.  It works properly when I specify the 
password on the command line:

RSYNC_PASSWORD=the_Password rsync -r /tmp/test test_user at test_server::test_user/topdir/subdir

However, if I do not specify the password on the command line and am 
prompted interactively, it always fails. After some investigation I find 
that Solaris getpass() returns a maximum of PASS_MAX bytes which on our 
systems is set to 8.  The comment in authenticate.c is:

    cyeoh says that getpass is deprecated, because
    it may return a truncated password on some systems,
    and it is not in the LSB.

Does this issue deserve a code fix/workaround?

Andy Klein

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