synchronizing file permission mode after the first copy

Jaeho Shin netj at
Mon May 26 13:05:55 EST 2003

I'm using rsync almost everywhere and quite satisfied with it.

But recently one thing started annoying me that --perms (or -p) only
work when I do the first sync. Once the file gets copied, it looks like
rsync takes no more care about the file mode and just leaves it
untouched. :(

I sync some of directory trees automatically from cron, and from time to
time I change the mode of my source files (e.g. from rw- to r--, ...). I
want the file mode changes also be applied to the target files, but
rsync seems to be just ignoring them since the file itself was already
copied a long time ago.

I hope I wasn't doing it the right way and would like to know how I can
synchronize file permission modes after the first copy. Is there any
official way for that? If not, any non-official way? Or, do we need to
change some codes? :-S

Besides, it would be a nice feature if rsync could copy only the file
modes without actually synchronizing the contents of the files.

P.S. I was using rsync 2.5.5(FreeBSD) and 2.5.6(Cygwin).
     Oh, and please Cc me when replying since I'm not in the list. :)

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