[announce] Dirvish 1.1 final

dirvish at pegasys.ws dirvish at pegasys.ws
Tue May 27 19:14:02 EST 2003

I am pleased to announce the availability of Dirvish version
1.1 final.

Dirvish is a fast, disk based, rotating network backup system. 

With dirvish you can maintain a set of complete images of
your filesystems with unattended creation and expiration. A
dirvish backup vault is like a time machine for your data. 

New features and improvements:

    *  Completely reworked and improved error-handling.

    *  Installation script.

    *  Common code consolidation.

    *  New dirvish-locate utility to find versions of files.

    *  Support for compressing the log files.

    *  Source tree aliases in index file.

    *  Much, much more.

This release does have two small incompatibilities with

The dirvish home page can still be found at


This announcement is being made on the rysnc mailing list
because dirvish is rsync based and will be of interest to
many considering the use of rsync for backup services.
If i knew of a better place i would announce there.
No further dirvish announcements are expected to be sent here.

Please send dirvish related enquiries to dirvish at pegasys.ws
and not to the rsync mailing list.

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