compression and encryption

cbarratt at cbarratt at
Wed Jul 30 01:40:44 EST 2003

> I've been thinking about adding the capability to store files compressed 
> and/or encrypted on either side of the rsync transfer. Let's say there's 
> a storage space provider. I want to store my files on that server 
> compressed (so I don't use more paid space than I need), and encrypted 
> (so they can't read my data).
> [snip]
> Any thoughts or opinions? Any existing work that I should be aware of? 

You could look at BackupPC,, which does
compression of server side files with rsync.  It stores file attributes
separate from the compressed files, so it can compare the correct size
to the sender's side file list.  It also only stores identical files
once, including files with different names or from different machines.


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