compression and encryption

Martin Langhoff ml at
Mon Jul 28 15:20:46 EST 2003

jw schultz wrote:

> Read the list archives. This has been talked to death.


>Most recently, Martin Langhoff has spoken of doing some work
>on using sender-side filtering that sounds promising.  There
>is also a receiver-side patch out there with the performance
>issues you mention.
I've narrowed it down to the code I want to work on. I haven't been able 
to do much besides integrating some already existing patches due to a 
change of jobs.

You will find that the code is a bit obscure. And it's C.

I have been studying whether to patch Unison instead, to achieve the 
same goals (Unison is written in OCaml). In the meantime, I learned 
about pysync (Python clone of rsync), but I am unsure of its stability. 
And perlsync <>.

If Perlsync is reasonably stable *and* is wire-compatible with rsync as 
people claim, I think that's what I'll work on.



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