Rsync over SSH v2 with strong authentication but not encrypted to get the highest speed on Rsync?

Boris Gegenheimer Boris.Gegenheimer at
Mon Jan 13 13:20:00 EST 2003

I am trying to set up a backup server running Solaris 8 with rsync 2.5.5 and
ipfilter the latest version.
The problem i have is i have about 16 different interfaces that are secured
via ipfilter , and i tried running rsync via rsh but ipfilter would not set
up a keepstate with rsh which meant i had to open up and that is not
So what i tried then was via ssh and that worked fine but it was very slow
and cpu heavy due to the encryption .
What i am asking is there some way to configure ssh and rsync to use strong
authentication but drop the encryption so that it works faster?
Regards Boris
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