Rsync over SSH v2 with strong authentication but not encrypted to get the highest speed on Rsync?

Aaron Morris aaronmorris at
Mon Jan 13 19:11:37 EST 2003

I do not believe there is a way to turn encryption off, however, you 
might be able to use "blowfish" (or DES, if possible) as a cipher 
instead of "3DES" which is much slower (and the default for SSH2 in 
OpenSSH).  Also, make sure you are not using compression in rsync or 
ssh, since it will increase CPU load as well.

Boris Gegenheimer wrote:
> Hello
> I am trying to set up a backup server running Solaris 8 with rsync 2.5.5 
> and ipfilter the latest version.
> The problem i have is i have about 16 different interfaces that are 
> secured via ipfilter , and i tried running rsync via rsh but ipfilter 
> would not set up a keepstate with rsh which meant i had to open up and 
> that is not acceptable.
> So what i tried then was via ssh and that worked fine but it was very 
> slow and cpu heavy due to the encryption .
> What i am asking is there some way to configure ssh and rsync to use 
> strong authentication but drop the encryption so that it works faster?
> Regards Boris

Aaron W Morris
PGP Key ID:  259978D1

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