rsync OS X to Linux => problem diacritical marks

Martin Langhoff ml at
Wed Aug 6 17:31:31 EST 2003

jw schultz wrote:
> This isn't an rsync problem.
> This is an issue of how OSX is handling internationalisation
> vs. how your linux system and utilities are configured.
> I don't know how OSX handles it.  For Linux take a peek in
> the locale manpage.

 From Mac OS X "Jaguar" (10.2) to RH8 using rsync I see no problems. As 
you say, if my console and/or file manager GUI isn't expecting Unicode 
in filenames (utf8), it all looks very funny.

Set the right locale, set the right font. Jaguar deals with itf8 very 
cleanly. If I ssh into to my RH8 box from my Jaguar client and browse my 
files (using Xterm, or nautilus or even using a plain console window) 
everything looks allright.

Now, from the server's own console, it doesn't look good at all. My 
server isn't well configured either :(

> A possible, but perhaps less friendly, alternative would be
> to clean up the OSX side so file names only use a subset of
> the possible character set. "ä,ü,ö" becomes "a,u,o".  I've
> done similar things in the past replacing spaces and other
> shell-special chars with underscores with the only reaction
> from the user base being that things stopped breaking.

Careful with munging my filenames without me asking for it! This member 
of the user base won't be impressed...



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