rsync OS X to Linux => problem diacritical marks

jw schultz jw at
Wed Aug 6 17:48:44 EST 2003

On Wed, Aug 06, 2003 at 07:31:31PM +1200, Martin Langhoff wrote:
> jw schultz wrote:
> >A possible, but perhaps less friendly, alternative would be
> >to clean up the OSX side so file names only use a subset of
> >the possible character set. "ä,ü,ö" becomes "a,u,o".  I've
> >done similar things in the past replacing spaces and other
> >shell-special chars with underscores with the only reaction
> >from the user base being that things stopped breaking.
> Careful with munging my filenames without me asking for it! This member 
> of the user base won't be impressed...

Know your user base.  I don't recommend such mangling being
imposed without considerable forethought and their consent.
I did it in a cron job because THEY were having problems
with the whitespace and other chars in filenames that some
of them were creating unwittingly in a GUI.

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