ssh connection from W2K to Solaris 2.5.1

Dave Goodrich ldg at
Tue Mar 26 06:38:50 EST 2002

I have
W2K server running,
	Cygwin version ssh & rsync installed.

Solaris SparkStation 20 running,
	Solaris 2.5.1

Currently SSH from the W2K box works perfectly, I can connect to the 
Solaris box just fine, rsync works from both boxes, I can connect to the 
anonymous rsync at just fine.

I am trying to create a quick way to back up files from the Solaris box 
onto the W2K box with a scheduled task. I have run ssh-keygen on the W2K 
box (no pass phrase) and installed the file as 
~/.ssh/known_hosts/authorized_keys on the Solaris box. I should be able 
to task to connect and execute rsync on the Solaris box, copying files 
back to the W2K box. I've done this many times with FBSD and Linux and 
it works beautifully.

My problem, and maybe I'm just thick headed, I cannot get the W2K box to 
connect without requiring a password! I cannot get Cygwin to run rsync 
as anything other than the user that installed Cygwin, and I cannot have 
Administrator as a user in Solaris (too many characters).

So rsync over ssh isn't working, in fact ssh -l root from the W2K box require a password even though 
I've installed the file.

Are any other admins with Cygwin/ssh/rsync running a sucessful setup? 
and would you share?



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