Block of unwanted zeros in a dest file

Eric Whiting ewhiting at
Tue Mar 26 06:28:06 EST 2002

I'm syncing from a linux box (NAS disk) to a sun (NAS disk).

I just found a file on the destination sun with zeros from bytes 8192 to
32767. (the source file had lots of 'good' random bytes). The rest of
the file compares properly. Repeatedly running rsync to send the file
didn't fix it. I ran a -c transfer (checksum) and it fixed the file.

I'm using 2.5.3 on both sides with the -z turned off. (I thought that
was somewhat 'safe')

Is this a know issue? I'll upgrade to 2.5.4 (with the fixed zlib) and
see if it acts the same.


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