RSync crashing

Jurrie Overgoor jurr at
Tue Mar 26 06:46:57 EST 2002


I have downloaded and correctly compiled RSync version 2.4.6. I downloaded
this version because I use it on a not-so-vanilla RedHat 5.2, and the glibc
package is broken. Any version higher than 2.4.6 doesn't work, or I'll first
have to upgrade glibc (and that's a pain, because I'll also have to upgrade
gcc and gmake).

When I use RSync to backup my companies Windows shares (witch are a *lot* of
files, about 30.000 per directory), RSync has a problem... :) It will start
ok, and gradualy swallows all the i/o of my console. And when I cannot type
anything anymore, RSync drops in a continuous loop (the hd will go like mad,
but I waited for 2 days for about 3 Gig on a 10mbit lan connection...). I
think it is a known problem that RSync can't handle large amounts of files
(is it?).

Is there a quick and painless way of getting rid of this problem, besides
upgrading RSync (witch IS painfull in my situation)?

Thanks for any reply's,

           Greetz -- Jurrie
           jurr at

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