rsync from Windows and Linux over ssh

Randy Kramer rhkramer at
Tue Jul 30 14:47:02 EST 2002

Sorry, I think you'll need somebody else's help.  (If I had to guess,
I'd take a look at the colon -- maybe you need two colons there -- it
does make a difference but I forget what difference it makes.)

Randy Kramer

S Peram wrote:
> It's just a 1kb file that I'm trying to transfer.
> The command I'm using to copy the files is:

> "$rsync -avz -e ssh username@<windowsserver_ip>:/rsync/rsync.txt ."

> where "rysnc" is the directory on the windows server.
> I'd appreciate if you can tell me if I missed anything
> on the installation or any of the configuration.

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