rsync from Windows and Linux over ssh

S Peram perams27 at
Tue Jul 30 07:44:02 EST 2002

Hi Randy, 
Thanks a lot for the reply.
But I'm transferring the large files.
It's just a 1kb file that I'm trying to transfer.
The command I'm using to copy the files is:
"$rsync -avz -e ssh
username@<windowsserver_ip>:/rsync/rsync.txt ." 
where "rysnc" is the directory on the windows server.
I'd appreciate if you can tell me if I missed anything
on the installation or any of the configuration.


--- Randy Kramer <rhkramer at> wrote:
> S Peram wrote:
> > "unexpected EOF in read_timeout".
> > I'm running Openssh 3.4p1
> > I tried to find info on the archives but they seem
> not
> > related to this specific problem.
> > I'd appreciate if any of you gurus help in this
> issue.
> I've had that problem with what I consider large
> files (640 MB ISOs).  
> You might checkout these pages:
>    *
>    *
> "An "unexpected EOF on read_timeout" error often
> indicates something is
> taking too much time on the server. Don't specify
> the -c option, don't
> rsync more than one large file in a single rsync
> command, etc."
> Randy Kramer

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