Linux and Solaris performance

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> DN: Sorry, I forgot to mention.  NONE of the files exist on the target
> machine (that is, it's a straight copy)...there is no realy sync'ing
> the true sense of the word) to be done for each file.

  Then the reason is that metadata filesystem operations on linux
filesystems are quite faster than on Solaris. You can see the same
effect when exploding a tar archive on a filesystem on both system.

DN: You're onto something here...I just did an un-tar of the file
containing my data (100,000 files) and saw:

Solaris:	11m:28.5s
Linux:	1m26.923s

That's a hell of a difference.  Very peculiar how the sun FS can be so
incredibly slow compared to Linux - and these are reasonably high end
sun Netra machines.  Very strange.  I wonder how reliable the Linux FS
is then if it's extracting the files so fast...does sun have some
ultra-realiable FS features or something I wonder.

Thanks for the reply



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