Linux and Solaris performance

Bennett Todd bet at
Wed Jul 17 13:07:02 EST 2002

Is the hardware comparable? It can be hard finding truly comparable
hardware between sparc and x86 --- performance is a multidimensional
attribute, and any given pair of boxes will scale differently on
different performance metrics. Any given application of rsync will
weight various performance metrics differently.

If the hardware is comparable, and the work being done is truly
identical in each case --- NB this means you need to be concerned
about whether the sending machine has all the material cached from a
previous run --- then perhaps you are seeing performance differences
between Solaris and Linux. I tend to expect Solaris to be slower
than Linux, although not in the proportions you're seeing. Solaris
has far slower context switches, and that won't help a pipelined
multiprocess app like rsync a bit. Solaris also has a far slower
filesystem, that could contribute.

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