Linux and Solaris performance

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On Wed, Jul 17, 2002 at 02:35:52PM -0400, Dave North wrote:
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> > In each instance I have rsync running as a server on the target
> machine
> > (Linux in each case).  I just can't explain why the performance is
> just
> > so AMAZING on Linux.  Any ideas?
> DN: Sorry, I forgot to mention.  NONE of the files exist on the target
> machine (that is, it's a straight copy)...there is no realy sync'ing (in
> the true sense of the word) to be done for each file.

  Then the reason is that metadata filesystem operations on linux
filesystems are quite faster than on Solaris. You can see the same
effect when exploding a tar archive on a filesystem on both system.

  Considered normal :-)


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