Linux and Solaris performance

Corey Stup Corey at
Wed Jul 17 14:10:02 EST 2002

> DN: You're onto something here...I just did an un-tar of the file
> containing my data (100,000 files) and saw:
> Solaris:	11m:28.5s
> Linux:	1m26.923s
> That's a hell of a difference.  Very peculiar how the sun FS can be so
> incredibly slow compared to Linux - and these are reasonably high end
> sun Netra machines.  Very strange.  I wonder how reliable the Linux FS
> is then if it's extracting the files so fast...does sun have some
> ultra-realiable FS features or something I wonder.

That looks like the difference between a local and an NFS mount to me.

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