Rsync 2.5.2 -v too verbose?

Martin Pool mbp at
Sat Feb 9 13:06:00 EST 2002

On  7 Feb 2002, Dave Dykstra <dwd at> wrote:
> I see a lot of messages have RSYNC_NAME ":" put on the beginning, including
> FINFO messages.  I really don't think they belong on FINFO messages at
> all.  I looked into it because I noticed it printing a symlink prefaced by
> "rsync:" which doesn't make any sense at all.

The GNU standards say that programs should print out their name 
at the start of error messages, and there is some support for this
convention from historical and proprietary Unix.  I think this 
is significantly more friendly, particularly when run from a script.

If the objection is just to printing this on FINFO rather than FERROR
messages I guess that makes sense.

> I went ahead and removed the RSYNC_NAME from FINFO messages.  I also
> returned the message "building file list ... done" back to the way it was
> in 2.5.1 when not using -P (including removing the "number of files to
> consider" message when not using -P).  I figure that if Martin disagrees we
> can always change things back.  I noticed that Martin had added progress
> messages every 100 files with -P, but it only applied when sending files
> and not when receiving files, so I made it consistent in both directions.

That's really good, thankyou.


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