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One word of warning on assuming all html mail is bad.  Some of us are on 
corporate email systems, subject to pointless arbitrary changes to our 
settings.  About a year ago, my preferences in Lotus Notes (a bad database 
program masquerading as a worse mail program) were modified to have me 
send mail to the internet in html format.  I didn't even know it was 
happening, until i started getting nasty messages from people's mail 
systems saying my mail was being rejected because it contained html 
formatting, on which point I threw myself a message to my home address to 
verify it, and searched out the preferences setting to turn it back to 
...Point being, if we do decide to reject all html-formatted email, let's 
have it bounce with explanation, not just fall into a black hole.
It saddens me to know that blocking all of Korea is the right thing to do. 
 Maybe if more things like this 
happen, things will change.

Tim Conway 
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Greetings list admins

I'd just like to add that as almost all the SPAM I receive is HTML, a very 

effective way to get rid of a very large fraction of spam would be to 
all HTML posts. I've not seen any genuine posts to this list which have 
web pages.

Sincerely etc.,
Christopher Sawtell
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