secrets file, reverse resolution problems

Alex Kramarov alex-rsync at
Mon Aug 12 07:46:27 EST 2002

Hi. (once more)
After setting up rsync as daemon, i would like to point out 2 problems
I have a single user name in my secrets file, and if i do not provide an
empty line after that username, rsync won't authenticate the user for me.
only if i put a blank line after the username. This is a problem i spent too
much time figuring out and didn't find it mentioned in the list or man page,
so it sounds like a bug.
i REALLY REALLY need to disable rsync reverse lookups when a client connects
to it - i have a private network connecting to rsync server through vpn
connection, and they wait about 15 seconds before the reverse name
resolution fails. The server cannot access the dns info of the private
network, because it it using dns server in it's own, separate network. And i
cannot put an entire network into the servers's hosts file, this would be a
complete mess to have a hosts file with a couple of hundreds of records.
Of course, i need dns resolution to work on the server, so i cannot use
anything that will stop the server from doing lookups at all.
Thank you.

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