rsync --password-file on cygwin

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Why not just let cygwin keep modes?
edit your cygwin.bat
put "
" before where it calls bash.  I seem to remember that you can make do 
with only the "NTEA" for that purpose.

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As the man page explains, and this message
summarizes from the different man pages 
rsync will not use the password file if it is world readable. Now, if the
rsync team was so kind to add the "strict mode" option for the cygwin
platform to ignore if the file is world readable when running in daemon 
 why isn't there an option (or am i missing something) to add the same
functionality (to ignore file permissions) when rsync is ran with the
--password-file mode ? Cygwin will always report eh the file was 644 mode,
even if the permissions are right ...
Thank you.
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