Is there anyway to fix large file support?

Cliff Hemming chemming at
Thu Aug 8 17:34:02 EST 2002

Try the following:

$ rsh uname -a

Check to see if the remote size shows file(blocks) is >2GB

$ dd if=/dev/zero bs=1048576 count=2560 | rsh dd

This should create a 2.5GB file on the far end.

As a security note, you might look into ssh for tighter security after you
get large files working. You can look at for

Another thought would be to verify large files is enabled on the remote
file system. For example, on Solaris using ufs you can type in mount and
see the following:

$ mount
/export/home_new on /dev/md/dsk/d60
read/write/setuid/intr/largefiles/onerror=panic/dev=154003c on Tue Jul  2
10:03:59 2002

largefiles is in the fourth section. For a vxfs file system under Solaris,
you can also run:

$ /usr/lib/fs/vxfs/fsadm /export/home

which shows that large files is not enabled.

Same thing applies to AIX. Not sure how that applies to HP-UX 11.x.
Haven't support it. But the idea should be the same. The tests above
should work regardless of the UNIX flavor.

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